Feng Shui pronounced "fung shway," literally meaning “Wind and Water” is the ancient Chinese art of design and placement. Feng Shui is an awareness of the ways that location, buildings, personal belongings, and environment affect one’s moods and energy levels, which in turn can influence health, relationships, and prosperity. When Ch’i (pronounced “chee”) or energy in a home or work place is balanced with the principals of Feng Shui, the results can be life-changing. By using the clients’ personal taste, working with the Bagua, elemental balancing, and artfully placing objects in their environment, Feng Shui can have dramatic results.

Feng Shui gives a new perspective for looking at your life through the areas where you work and live. One Feng Shui principle is that everything is changing. In many cases Feng Shui is common sense: if the stove is broken, get it fixed; if the faucet drips, call the plumber; network or send out resumes if you want a new job. But in addition to these simple changes, by using the Feng Shui concept that "your environment reflects your life" you can begin to question what besides the stove is"burned out" in your life, what else is leaking out in your life, what is going on in the home or work environment? As we reflect on our environments and the issues in our lives we can see a correlation. As we begin to fix our environment we begin to change our lives and those around us.

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