Let Art be a Visual Affirmation

In Feng Shui we use art among other things to adjust areas of our lives that may need balance.
When we pay attention to what it is we want to adjust like better health, relationships, career, prosperity, creativity, etc. we may use art with Feng Shui principles as one way to help with these areas. The use of color as well as subject can be beneficial along with the placement of the item. The frame or mat might highlight a color that brings out a certain aspect that is just right and the photograph/painting subject may open up another door to what is desired ... so together the total effect is just right. In choosing art pay attention to how it speaks to you. When looking at a certain piece do you feel peaceful, joyful, loving, stimulated, hungry, etc. A gorgeous green tree or blooming flowers work to help call in growth, or healing, or prosperity. A heart or pairs of things helps with relationship. An Angel or Kwan Yin works to call in our spiritual side and attracts helpful people.
Earthy colors help to bring stability and balance to our lives. Water pictures may influence career in a positive way and help prosperity flow. The possibilities go on and on. The actual placement and location of art using a Feng Shui Bagua is also important. For help choosing and placing art with Feng Shui principles or for information about the process contact Lainie.

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